Larkin Community Hospital Celebrates Nurses Week.

Larkin Community Hospital celebrates Nurses Week and recognizes the excellent work that its team performs every day.
Congratulations to:
ICU: Juan Torres, RN.
ER: Maritza Ruiz, RN.
MS2: Bianca Escorcia, RN.
MS3: Hector Alvarez, RN.
BH: Ayme Romero, BSN, RN.
Neuroscience: Guillermo Girado, RN.
OR: Belkys Hernandez, RN.
Certified nurses:
Robin Thomas RN-ER.
Andrea Downs BSN, RN- Pediatrics.
Maria Cortina MSN, RN- Pediatrics.
Maria Bernal RN- Oncology.
Maria Marquez RN- Endoscopy.
Maria Lopez RN- Endoscopy.
Mercedes Perez DNP, MBA, MSN- Healthcare Administration.
Thank you for providing excellent patient care in your units!